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The Rest of 2020

I’ve been hidden away for quite some time, working on personal matters.  I have not been writing much lately, probably because of all the distractions with the quarantines, the riots, and the general heightened sense of friction within our country.  I hold the opinion that much of this will clear up after the November elections.…

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My Thoughts and Politics

For the most part, I have maintained neutrality when it came to expressing my opinions about the current environment as it pertains to COVID and the quarantines.  In light of the events of the past few months, and the reality that I actually have opinions, I’ll offer some of them in this post. My first…

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Pleonasms – 1

What are pleonasms? They are redundant redundancies! A pleonasm, as defined by, is “the use of more words than necessary to express an idea.” Such as “redundant redundancies.” They are difficult to spot because of habits we have formed in our speech patterns, particularly when we believe using more words (adjectives in particular) provides clarity…

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