Coronavirus and Quarantine

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These days are interesting, to say the least.  It is certainly a difficult time for those who have suffered from the Coronavirus, and many have passed.  Quarantine resulting from the threat of Coronavirus is challenging on many fronts.  In my anecdotal experience, most of the people I know are handling it well.  Some are a bit stir crazy from staying home, but I’ve not seen any negative behavior as has been depicted in movies or television shows.  You know the ones; a virus hits and within a few days civilization breaks down, all laws are abandoned, people make up their own law, which is usually “he who has the guns makes the rules.”  I am very happy to see, at least among my circle of friends, people standing shoulder to shoulder, being responsible, and above all retaining a great deal of patience and understanding as we pull through this.

Stay safe, my friends.  Be smart and help where you can.

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Stephen R Madden

I believe everyone has a voice that can benefit the world, if each would take time to project genuine concern and respect for others.

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