On Stallion She Rides

She comes on stallion, white bleary steed
Rescuing lover’s hearts that bleed
That shake in strong winds like a reed
With emptiness each feels great need
Save us our desire.
Comfort she brings, steed’s nostrils flaring
Passion resides, cold souls daring
Hope endures more, not worth comparing
To our unquenchable fire.

Hooves beat, beat, beat, will love come no more
In the street, street, street, white steed approaches shore
Of ocean’s retreat, the sand blows and scores
Her face brilliant shining, she approaches the mores
Comfort us in wasted land.
Bolster the weak, give courage to the sad
Caress our hearts that we may all be glad
Be bride to the groom of an old man’s lad
Help us make a stand.

In fairy mist she comes, she leads us to glory
Contributing to the ancient lore’s story
And countenance afire, she cries to implore ye
And asks how much a life could more be
Taken to heavenly height.
Courage comes slowly, she smiles in her way
The sun doth reveal, her charms endure always
And leaves us now, leaves us to walk our own way
Riding stallion’s passionate might!

~Nov 1999