Sleep Doth Not Come to Me

Lying in bed while dark of night
Has grayed everything in sight
Elusive sleep my eyes do chase
Yet all I see is your lovely face.

Failing to push these thoughts from my mind
My heart’s such a tangle, in such a bind
Tis too much for my soul to be captured by thee
Oh that I could steal a kiss from thee!

Restless and longing for weeks I’ve known
This tempest into your love I’m thrown
Like a ship upon the sea of waves churning
My love grows each day, each day tis burning!

How did you capture me with such ease?
Would that I’d been stronger and resisted the breeze.
Twas no breeze that blew me away
Twas you, twas you, twas you. Away!

No sleep comes, your spirit with me abides
Your visage to see radiant beauty resides
In one such as you, your heart truly divine
I pray, yes pray, that you’ll always be kind.

The strings thou hast on my heart grow stronger
I’m weak from the thought of you. I’m weak though the longer
We’re apart because I don’t want you to forget
My love for you, love you’ll never regret.

So shelter me with the wings of your love
Hold my face to your bosom, hold my head in your love
Say it’s not in vain for you I desire
My love you’ll return, and in turn will go higher.

Higher than any star in night’s sky
Which shines so brightly and beguiles the eye
And showers heaven’s grace on our love to endure
Through many a trouble and always endure.

So I twist under cover, close my eyes to sweet sleep
But sleep flees away, sleep flees away. Come sleep!
In sleep’s place you are there again
I reach out and ask where have you been.

No reply comes though hour passes hour
I hurt for your pain, let me be your high tower
Throw your cares on me, dear feel free to weep
So that I may now safely and securely find sleep.

~Oct 31, 1999