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It has been a few months since I have written for my site, so it is time to provide some updates on my thoughts and what I have been doing.

First, in my last post I predicted that after the November elections (in which President Biden won) things would calm down concerning the virus and the riots.  It has been a year and a half since that prediction.  It has come to pass.  Don’t get me wrong; I am not attributing it to any clairvoyance on my part, nor am I insinuating it was done to hurt then President Trump’s chances for victory.  These kinds of statements are common among those who believe they are “in the know.”

I believe the riots were a consequence resulting from the quarantine and stoked by the ill-bent American media who loves friction so that they can write and tell stories of injustice.

For is it not these kinds of stories that hold our interest and have for thousands of years?  The hero’s journey is one that typically involves some form of injustice happening to the hero.  Facing incredible odds and overcoming despite those odds?  We love these stories, and I think it is because we each have within us the desire to be and identify with the hero – we want to believe our lives can get better if we but overcome the circumstances facing us.

We want to identify with the characters, see ourselves in some part of them.  We want to agree with the characters, or we want to disagree and say, “I would never do that!”  It is part of what makes life interesting.

It has often been said, though not word for word, that we can travel anywhere through the pages of a book.  Words are powerful.  Words communicate concepts, biases, information, beliefs, persuasion.  As I write this, I am listening to slow Jazz.  Words coupled with music have the power to persuade and emote.  Every culture on Earth that we are aware of has had music and words in some form as a powerful part of the culture.

So, these past few months I have been absorbing words – a lot of them.  I’ve been reading quite a lot, mostly non-fiction.  I read mostly headlines for news.  I find the writing in the news media to be extremely biased and unfair, and it is hard for me to get through writing where I feel like the author has intentionally left out information to persuade me.

I have been writing some, but not a lot.  Lately, I’ve been writing more.  The itch is returning, and I suspect it will grow.  I am working on three different stories, one of which will capture my complete attention and I’ll finish it in short order.

Until then, thank you for sticking around and I’ll be back soon.


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