The Rest of 2020

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Desert Fantasy Ruins

I’ve been hidden away for quite some time, working on personal matters.  I have not been writing much lately, probably because of all the distractions with the quarantines, the riots, and the general heightened sense of friction within our country.  I hold the opinion that much of this will clear up after the November elections.

That being said, I am now working hard to market my book and make appearances throughout the region.  I will announce events once I have them planned.  Obviously, there are still many places that are reticent to have large groups, but hopefully that changes soon enough.

If you have a reading group you would like me to attend, send me a short note from the Contact page and I’ll respond to you.

Take care and be safe.


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Stephen R Madden

I believe everyone has a voice that can benefit the world, if each would take time to project genuine concern and respect for others.

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