What is the Malirou Cutorim?

It is the Law of the Land...

...the basis for all laws and judgments in the land of Menlokian.

Its premise is the protection of the individual rights of all, particularly the commoners from the nobility.  The document was written after the revolt of Anthony of Pulin, a peasant-genius who won every battle against the nobles and forced them into the agreement.

Anthony disappeared, but the law remains.  It established three branches of government:  a King to rule, a Parliament to enact law, and a High Court to pass judgment

The new fantasy novel from author Stephen R Madden.

Read the story of the young prince of a family murdered and his attempt to recapture the throne years later from the those responsible for the murders.

This, however, is not a stereotypical story of good versus evil.  It is a conflict between two characters of integrity, honor, and decency, both possessing qualities of goodness.  It is a story of how an unavoidable conflict between two good men unfolds.

Yet there is evil in the story, forces directing and shaping events for their own purposes.  Who shall prevail?  Will these forces be discovered in time?  Does the young prince even want the throne?  Or is the price too high?  Should he heed the advice of those claiming he is duty-bound to recapture what is rightfully his, even if the king is a good man?

Prepare for the War for the Throne!

The City of Kolma