Short Stories

These are stories I've written through the years, some in and some not in the world of the Malirou Cutorim.  I will be adding stories from time to time.  Subscribers will be notified when a new story is published.

Malirou Cutorim Short Stories

EXCERPT: Malirou Cutorim: War for the Throne

Chapter 1 from War for the Throne

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Anthony of Pulin and the Malirou Cutorim

Coming Soon!

The story of how a peasant rose up against the nobility to establish the Malirou Cutorim, the Law of the Land.

Additional Shorts Coming

The Path of Light

The Dark Years

The Church and Forbidding the Use of Magic

Short Stories Outside of the Malirou Cutorim World

The Boat

 A young sailor struggles against the power of the sea.

Will he survive?

The Choice

What does a young father faced with death do when the possibility of being cured is presented to him?

What would you do?